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Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts
Various Replacement Parts:
  • Cables, Connectors, Covers
  • Sensors, Alarms
  • Power Supplies
  • Battery Modules
  • Battery Cabinets
  • Contactor Coils, Contact Kits
  • Accessories, Electric Counters
  • Totalizers, Pilot Devices
  • Relay Accessories
  • Motor Controls
  • Rocker Circuits, Switches
Pushbuttons and Parts

Pushbuttons and Parts
Various 30.5 mm heavy-duty custom pushbuttons, logic level or standard contact blocks, joystick
  • Non-illuminated
  • LED-illuminated
  • Incandescent illuminated
  • Auto-latch
  • Watertight
  • Oiltight
  • Joystick style
  • Special function
Shoe Brakes
Shoe Brakes
Eaton offers two field proven shoe brake designs for application on rotating loads requiring braking and holding torque. Mill duty GH505 is DC operated available in six wheel sizes with torque ratings from 50 lb.ft. to 4000 lb.ft. Industrial 511 is AC or DC operated available in three wheel sizes with torque ratings from 3 lb.ft. to 85 lb.ft.
  •  Heavy-Duty Brakes, Catalog
  •  Parts & Service Publications
Limit Switches
Limit Switches
Power Circuit and control limit switches are designed for use with cranes, hoists, conveyors and similar types of moving machinery in industrial applications.
DC Contactors
DC Contactors
Eaton offers several lines of DC contactors for use in mill applications, moving equipment and general-purpose applications. DC Contactors are designed to control the line isolation, starting, stopping, reversing, and regulating functions of a DC motor.
Frequently Requested Quotations

Frequently Requested Quotations
  • 511 4" AC Brake & Parts
  • 511 4" DC Brake & Parts
  • 511 5.5" AC Brake & Parts
  • 511 7" AC Brake & Parts
  • GH505 8" DC Brake & Parts
  • GH505 10" DC Brake & Parts
  • GH505 13" DC Brake & Parts
  • GH505 16" DC Brake & Parts
  • 505 13" DC Brake & Parts
  • GH505 23" DC Brake & Parts
Service and Support Manuals
Adobe Acrobat® format documents, will open in a new window
  • 511 AC & DC Brake Catalog
  • 2009 Motor Control Catalog
  • 6011 Mill Relay
  • 6019 Model 901 and 902 Mill Relay
  • 7311 and 7313 Relays
  • Crane Control Catalog
  • GH505 Brakes
  • GH505 Mill Brake Selection Charts
  • LVMR Relay
  • E22 EM22 10250T E34 HT800 Pushbutton Selector Guide AP04700001E
  • DPM 1000V DC Contractor & Type L-67 Aux Contacts Install Instructions IL15-800-4
  • 903 DC Overload Heavy Duty Mill Relay Time Delay & Instanteous Trip Publication 13542
  • Enclosed Control Catalog
  • Enclosed Control Part Numbering Layout
  • Westinghouse Type M & MD DC Contactors Sizes 5-9 Instructions IL17149
  • Eaton CAD download link
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